Benchwarmer heats up seats and benches in public areas

KPL benchwarmers heat up the seats and benches in churches and other public spaces. The heater is installed under the seat. The heat radiates mainly downwards, giving the cold leg space a good heat distribution. The heat going upwards increases the temperature at the sitting level.

The benchwarmer conserves energy, since it is only necessary to heat up a part of buildings and spaces. It also prevents statues and wooden parts from drying out, as is the case with traditional heating methods.

Thanks to its thin shape and silent running, the unobtrusive KPL heaters are well-suited for historically valuable sites as well. The colour of the heater can be chosen according to the RAL map and as agreed.

Define the heater’s place under the seat and attach it. Hook up the mains supply cable and installation lid. The installation can only be carried out by an authorised party.

The heaters are controlled with a separate switch, thermostat or control system. For churches, we recommend a programmed control system because it is easily manageable.