INFRAHEAT renovation foil helps to execute the heating at a renovation site

If the structural height of the floor at a renovation site sets tight limits, it is best to use INFRAHEAT renovation underfloor heating foil. INFRAHEAT renovation foil is, as its name suggests, foil, which makes the space requirement for floor heating almost nonexistent.

Foil structure

INFRAHEAT heating foils consist of metallic foil laminated between two double plastic films. The metal’s special characteristic is that it melts at the temperature of approximately 140 Celsius degrees. This makes the foil completely fire-safe. The standard width of the underfloor heating elements is 540 mm, other widths also available by order. The installation will be made freely between the studding.

At the end, lengths of lath are tied to the sides to prevent the foil from rolling up. The beginning stays straight because the connecting cables go into the installation pipe. The foil rests freely on the wool.

One must not forget the air gap between the underside of the floor and the foil! The couplings in the foils at the other end are made water-tight. The couplings are protected by heat-resistant tape, the end is also taped. The foil has a product sticker which shows the surface power (W/m²), width (dm), length (dm), total power (W) and the switching voltage (V).

Underfloor heating using a cable mat

Installing underfloor heating in a washroom cannot be easier than the Thermoflex cable mat. See for yourself in the attached slideshow.

Thermoflex cable mat has a self-adhesive structure, i.e. installing the heating does not require extra grouting. The mat raises the floor only by 4 mm, so there is usually no need to trim the doors. Thermoflex has been planned as flexible, so that you have full freedom when placing it. Thanks to the flexible installation, even corners, angles and inlets are no problem.

Contact us with your construction and renovation needs, and we will find the heating solution best suited for you!

Comfortable underfloor heating easily:

  1. Mark the locations of the mats
  2. Take off the protective paper, straighten the mat and attach it to the floor. Cut and shape as needed.
  3. The floor is ready to be mortared. Use smoothing mortar or grout.
  4. Attach the tile or natural stone floor of your choosing according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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