A cornice heater is an easy option and does not require a large-scale renovation

The INFRAHEAT cornice heater heats up apartments, washrooms, shower facilities, garages, cottages, draught lobbies and offices. A cornice heater is a suitable option, when a heating system is needed for an already existing space that does not need to be largely renovated.

The heat element is encased and embedded in the front panel that is made of extruded aluminium. The body of the heater is made of aluminium-zinc coated steel plate. The heater is stylish and unobtrusive. Since the heater is splash-proof, it is also suitable for moist spaces. The cornice heater is installed in a suitable spot on the edge where the ceiling meets the wall. The appliance is equipped with installation brackets that help with the installation by establishing the distance to the ceiling automatically. The supply voltage is 230 V.

There are accessories available for the cornice heater that make it possible to install it also in special conditions. Accessories include a wall installation bracket, a ceiling installation stem and a cold panel.

Heater controls:
The heater can be equipped with a thermostat whose sensor is at the end of the heater’s junction box or it is wired up on the wall under the heater or further away. The sensor is wired with a high-tension current cable. The heater can be controlled with a room thermostat installed on the wall. The installation height of the thermostat is 1,500 mm. Different centralised systems are suitable for controlling the cornice heater. The sensor or transmitter is placed as the thermostat.