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The INFRAHEAT heating system is safe and inexpensive as well as space- and energy-saving. No water damage – no mould, and no problems for people allergic to dust! Do you need both a lamp and a heater in the same space? Your solution is the INFRAHEAT lamp heater.

The Polarheat Oy product family consists of Infraheat heat elements, controllers, heating cables, lamp heaters, low-, medium- and high-heat panels and underfloor heating systems. Our products fulfil the energy efficiency requirements set for low energy houses. Our product range covers the heating needs for small houses, manufacturing spaces as well as public spaces.

Our sales office is located in Oulu, but we can be of service to you throughout Finland and are happy to help you solve even individual heating problems, contact us!

Cost-effective and safe Infraheat underfloor heating

A well-heated House can be seen as a top-notch solution in regard to living comfort. Most of the heat of the underfloor heating is produced with inexpensive off-peak electricity and the heat retained in the concrete is released into the room air throughout the day. Heat release is regulated mostly by the floor coating.

Ceiling heating is an easy and comfortable form of heating

Underfloor and ceiling heating in use at the same time is excellently suited for all new detached houses. Even though we’re talking about top class living comfort, acquiring and using the heating is not expensive.

Radiant heating is cost-effective and easy to install

A radiant heater is a cost-effective and easily installed heater, especially for sites that want to avoid a large-scale renovation. They can be installed for example above a window, when furniture will not cover them, they are not in the living area and small children cannot access them.

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