A low-heat panel heats up e.g. offices, shops and bathrooms

The ALK low-heat panel gives pleasant warmth to offices, shops, hobby rooms, bathrooms, carpenter’s workshops and animal sheds.

The low-heat panel can be installed in wet and moist spaces as well as spaces that contain corrosive materials. The model 400 DP can also be installed in dusty and fire hazardous spaces. The panels are made of galvanised steel plate and painted with heat-resistant powder paint. The heat is generated with a foil resistor that ensures pleasant and stable warmth.

Define the heater’s spot on the ceiling or suspension rail and attach the engagement. Hook the mains supply cable up to the mounting tabs on the engagement. Hang the panel in its spot and attach the locking screws. The electrical connection can be installed only by an authorised electrician.

The heater is controlled with a separate switch, thermostat or control system. We recommend using an automated control system for industrial applications to level out consumption peaks.