The Infraheat structure dryer is an efficient and low-energy concrete dryer

The Infra-Heat structure dryer is excellently suited for drying concrete structures both when constructing new buildings and at moisture damage sites. Depending on the situation, a sufficient degree of drying can be achieved with 1-7 weeks of drying. The temperature of the site being dried will rise to 50-60 Celsius degrees during the drying, when the structure is freely ventilated (e.g. floor tile).

If there is heat insulation above the tile, the temperature of the concrete’s surface can rise to max. 50-60 Celsius during the heating. 100 mm thick concrete tile with underside insulation heats to an even temperature in ca. 2.5-3 days. The appliance uses little energy and the drying can be silent, if desired.

The drying power of the Infra-Heat structure dryer is based on raising the structure’s temperature, when the partial pressure of water vapour inside the structure’s pores increases and the water vapour exits the structure into the surrounding air. The warm structure also heats up the surrounding room air and increases the air’s absorption and holding of moisture. Always make sure that there is sufficient ventilation in the space being dried, so that the room air can absorb the moisture released from the structures.

The appliance’s drying power increases as the structure’s temperature increases during the drying. A high temperature can cause cracking in a fresh concrete or plaster surface, which must be taken into account when adjusting the drying power. New concrete surfaces must be given good aftercare and the concrete must be hard enough before the structure is dried. Using a fan significantly decreases the surface temperature. The best drying power can be achieved at a site with a regular room temperature.

Infra-Heat immediately heats up the drying site below the appliance. A 20 mm gap between the appliance and the surface being dried allows the moisture to exit the structure upwards as well. If multiple Infra-Heat appliances are being used simultaneously, the distance between them should be no more than ca. 300 mm so that the drying power does not significantly decrease in the areas between the appliances.

Infra-Heat is also excellently suited for drying wall and ceiling structures and all other structures that can withstand a temperature of 50-60 Celsius degree.

Infra-Heat dryer usage instructions:
Clean the area to be dried. Place the appliance on the area to be dried. Connect the appliance to the power network. Keep the appliance’s warming up surfaces clean. Do not cover the dryer and keep the surrounding area clear. Do not walk on the appliance. Transport the appliance upright or on its side. The power switch of the model equipped with a fan is on the underside of the appliance.