Ceiling heating is a comfortable and easy solution

Underfloor and ceiling heating in joint use is excellently suited for all new detached houses. Even though we’re talking about top-class living comfort, acquiring and using heating is not expensive.

You can get a top-class electrical heating solution for half the price of a water-circulating system Ease of use and living comfort reach their top level when underfloor heating is combined with ceiling heating.

INFRAHEAT ceiling and underfloor heating is not based on the circulation of water inside the structures. For this reason, it does not have the risk of water damage or mould that is caused by moisture damage. INFRAHEAT ceiling heating represents future’s low heat technology already today. The surface heat of the ceiling heating foil is only 30-40 Celsius degrees. This creates an optimal situation for a healthy and low-dust indoor climate.

Cost estimate for a ceiling and underfloor heating combination

The acquisition price for small house heating equipment is made for the ceiling and underfloor heating distribution method. Heat distribution is carried out with ceiling and underfloor heating, complemented with direct underfloor heating in washroom and stone-covered floor spaces. The default house is a one-storey detached house with an indoor area of 120 m² and room height of 2.5 m.

The INFRAHEAT heating foil ceiling and floor application executed as in the picture below:

  • Heating foils 125 W/m² (rated power 15 W/m³) heating power 3,75 kW
  • Room thermostats (Eberle RTR 6202) six pieces
  • Underfloor heating 1,5 kW
  • Underfloor heating cables (washrooms, utility room, WC, hallway, kitchen, living room)
  • Lamp heater A3 (draught lobby)
  • Thermostats (Eberle 52531) four pieces
  • Lamp heater A3 (storage room)

Equipment cost estimate only 1600 €

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